HOVER is more a "state-of-mind" rather than the name I chose to call my music persona. Sort of when you are high on things. (I deny knowing how that feels).

The electronic music I create has no clearly defined genre, just listening pleasure or displeasure according to whoever's taste. My music ranges from trance-ish to soundtrack music to gaming themes with a moody feel and now more recently to space ambience and synthwave.
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Why Hover?:
When you listen and it lifts you emotionally, that's what I'm looking for. There are plenty of artists out there that "lift" me emotionally, whether my music does the same, that's another story …?
I'm still learning.

Musical style:
It's mostly easy listening. Synthwave, Space Ambience, New Age, Psytrance.

Logic Pro X, Roland Fantom X, Virus TI2, a Roland Integra 7, Arturia SparkLE and lotsa' soft-synths. Itching to buy some decent analogue gear, but I made a pact with myself: Will only start buying more gear with the money I actually make from this.

Where to find me:
Various stores: DistroKid, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Beatport and several others.


Real name:
Shailendra Rawatlal

Durban, South Africa, October 30, 1973, on planet earth, Sol system, the Milky Way, somewhere exactly on the outskirts of absolutely nowhere…

Johannesburg, South Africa

Born with a missing right ear, can only hear mosquitos, high pitched sounds and extremely low frequencies. Barely any stereo capabilities. Mmm, yes, verrry one-sided.

Was born this way. How can I complain if I don't know any other way. I guess suites me fine

Graphic Designer. Running my own design and signage company from 2002.
We have and still do stuff … www.pixelspot.co.za

Music trend:
The music thing started when my dad got me my first guitar at around 13. After a year, I managed to dismantle it completely and rebuild it from scratch. It sounded awful but it was AWESOME.
Hover is new, I haven't accomplished anything in the greater realm of the cosmos, but my baby girl can one day say, hey, "that was daddy", what more does one need?

Thoughts out loud:
It's always been a toss-up between art and music for me, the former accommodating most of my years, music now taking the passenger seat up-front (I still need to earn a living). Since my daughter was born 11 years after marriage, the idea of leaving something behind for my her has been a major kick-in-the-ass for me. So I forced myself to learn a good few things music-wise, including mastering and mixing courses and a few online courses.

My wife, daughter, family and friends

Special thanks:
Ankha - there is nothing this woman can't do.
Inhouse Audio Training

Hopes and expectations:
Yes, I have already been working on lotsa tracks, so several albums will be rearing their ugly heads soon. I don't use vocals (yet), I think it's because I don't hear lyrics well enough in any music (my one-ear issue). It's more about the sounds for me. I spend days listening to and tweaking just one sound, with one finger on the keyboard. There are so many permutations and variables and one has to marvel at the limitless directions you can take. So have a listen, It may not be for you, but if you do like it, it would be a great ego boost and you would make my family very proud of daddy.

Lotsa' work:
Whew, trying to create music is a lotta' hard work, late nights, waiting for inspiration, but also more actually sitting down and doing something about it.
So while I do mope sometimes, I'm forced to learn new things everyday and then realise that I know absolutely zilch. I realised that no matter how much my stuff sucks, I have to just keep doing it and every new song makes me learn at least a hundred new things. I have had to learn how to mix and master for the simple reason that is, I cannot afford to outlay finances for every track. And I know that it's nowhere close to even decent, but the more stuff I create, the easier it becomes and better it sounds.

So the reality is, just chug along and no matter how many people put you down, one day someone's going to say, hey, that actually isn't bad. That's the day you can raise that middle finger to all those negative responses…